Soft Ground Extension Pins
Soft Ground Extension Pins

Soft Ground Extension Pins

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When installing Core Edge, sometimes the built in ground spikes will not be sufficient enough to stabilize the edging, especially when soft ground is encountered.  While, this is not the typical scenario, it does happen and we have an easy solution with soft ground extension pins.

  • The ingenious expanding clip and galvanized rebar means you can reinforce the ground spike by an additional 12 inches.
  • The clip is inserted thru the pre-made slot on the ground spike, the 8mm galvanized rebar pin is then inserted thru the clip and driven into the ground.
  • The clip expands to form a rigid connection with the edging, giving you the additional support required to stabilize the edging and keep it upright.

One of the main benefits of this system, is that it can be installed after the edging has started to be installed, meaning you will not have to relift any edgings to add additional support.

There are 3 clip holes in each of the edging lengths.  The clip and pin system can also be used with the garden rings if need be.

5 clips and pins come in each individual pack